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Frangible Airport Structures

Frangible - adjective : easily broken; breakable; fragile; brittle

Frangible masts & frangible poles are fully-compliant with ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6 - Frangibility (1st Edition 2006)

  • Low mass composite structure

  • Full-scale impact tested according to Aerodrome Design manual No.6 to verify frangibility

  • Built-in frangibility - no break-away points needed

  • Only low mass components disintegrate at impact thus causing no secondary hazard to the aircraft (e.g. to enter through the windscreen, fuselage, tail surfaces etc.)

  • Transparent to electromagnetic signals

  • Available in all normal heights up to 35 m

  • Easy installation

  • UV-protected

  • Maintenance free


Frangible Poles and Masts
for Runway Approaches
  Frangible Weather Masts   ILS Glide Path Tower
and Localizer Supports
Frangible Airport Fencing   Special Frangible
Mast Designs
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