Aviation - Aircraft Warning Lights Time & Alarms - Slave  & Master Clocks, Disabled Toilet Alarms

aviation specialises in aerodrome ground lighting products such as frangible approach tower and poles, glidepath antenna and ILS support structures, and all frangible support structures for lighting, weathermasts, windcones and frangible fencing.

The wider range of products also includes for intelligent led based obstruction lighting for low, medium and high intensity aircraft warning lights, controllers, SCADA, IP based communication.

Approved Infrared MoD Aircraft Warning Lighting for safeguard marking of Turbine Wind Farm and Met Masts.

CEL consult and advisory service to understand and explain the regulations.


section for centralised clock systems for schools, commercial buildings, transportation and sports.

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IR Wind Turbine Aircraft Safety Lighting
Posted on Sunday March 17, 2013

Here is a demonstration of how our LED Infrared wind turbine aircraft warning lights are displayed through military approved NVGs (night-vision goggles). The 850nm IR lighting is invisible to the naked eye therefore removing any potential light pollution problems in rural areas whilst maintaining full safety for low flying military aircraft operations.  

Welcome to Contarnex News
Posted on Monday March 04, 2013

Here we will display case studies of new and past projects and list the latest news on forthcoming products and developments.

Contarnex Lights the Shard
Posted on Sunday March 11, 2012

Tallest Building in Europe Equipped with CEL Aviation Obstacle Lights   The Shard of Glass at London Bridge is the tallest skyscraper in London. After completion in 2012 The Shard became the tallest building in the European Union at the time of construction.   The building stands at 310 meters tall and has offices, restaurants, […]

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